Swivel Gun! VR Log Ride (beta)


App Description

‘Tis a simple goal, mate. Knock yer barrels off th’ docks by blastin’ em wit yer swivel gun.
Mind ya, there’s a trick that’ll play merry hob wit’cher aim, since you’ll be tumblin’ through a log ride yerself.

To Take Aim Wit’cher Cannon:
– Use your Google Cardboard or any other mobile VR kits to target barrels throughout the track.

To Blast Away:
– Pull the magnet on your Google Cardboard VR kit (Not all phones are compatible!)
– Tap anywhere on the screen with yer finger or other conductive material
– Press buttons on a supported gamepad

To Abandon Ship:
– Tilt yer device into portrait mode, and be on your way.

Wanna see more than just this demo? Let us know in th’ comments! We’ve been lookin’ fer a good reason t’ make more tracks, features, and things to blow to smithereens!

* Coming soon for Oculus Rift MAC / PC
** Game tested and developed with Google Nexus 4

Compatible GamePads:
– XBOX360 (wired) (tested)
– iDroid Snakebyte (tested)
– Many other native Android gamepads (Check calibration screen to see if your connected gamepad is supported)

Compatible VR HMDs:
– Google Cardboard
– Dive HMD
– Homido HMD
– Many other Android based HMDs

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