Space Rustlers


App Description

Spaaaace Rustlers From Outer Space!! Are you ready to save cow-kind from the intergalactic cow rustlers? Then strap in, get your Google Cardboard on, and prepare to play the best cow flying, alien shooting, virtual reality arcade game ever made!

Take flight in the cow plane (yes, cows fly planes!) and blast the alien invaders, saving cow-kind from certain doom. Avoid alien attack and top the highscore board.

But, unlike cats, cows only have four lives – so make every one count!

+ Immersive VR experience
+ Non-VR mode for tablets
+ Compatible with Engage, Flip, Go, Google Cardboard VR, Zeiss VR One, Freefly, IncrediSonic, Merge VR and most other Virtual Reality headsets.


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