Galactic Rush VR for Cardboard


App Description

This is a heart-pounding experience designed for Cardboard VR.

Ever dreamed of traveling through spacetime, or taking a roller coaster ride through the galaxy? In this addictive and thrilling experience, rush through winding warp tunnels and stunning galactic wormholes to discover new worlds.

This game requires no controllers, all you need is your Cardboard VR device. Control movement with just your head: tilt your head to the side just a tad to spin along the wall in that direction. Beware of the evil red spacetime debris. There is no need for drastic movements – tilting your head just five degrees results in precise control.

Through user testing, we found that motion sickness occurs very rarely while playing Galactic Rush VR for Cardboard. People have also reported relief from neck/vertebral discomfort caused by bad posture and lack of exercise.

Come now and face this challenge now in Cardboard VR. Let us see if you can be one of the very few who survive this perilous journey…


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